The Helios Project – Update

Can you believe that there are kids in our local community that still don't have a access to a computer?  In the age of iPhones, Netbooks and highspeed Internet it is hard to fathoum.  The HeliOS Project as been rebuilding old computers and bringing them to today's standards and giving them to disadvantaged children for the past three years.  The HeliOS Project gathers, refurbishes, and donates PCs and related equipment to disadvantaged kids in Central Texas free of charge.  Since our affilation with The HeliOS Project in August 2009, Central Texas Technology Solutions and our Clients have donated over 30 desktops, 10 laptops, 2 servers and numerous printers and accessories!  Congratulations and Thank you for your involvement!

Here is a picture from our last donation!

If you have unwanted and unused computers and equipment, call us today at (512) 388-5559, and we’ll take care of all the arrangements of picking up the equipment, and delivering it to The HeliOS Project for you.  It’s that easy!  Thanks for your generous donations!

“CTTS has been instrumental in gathering the raw materials The HeliOS Project needs to serve underprivileged children. The clients of CTTS have donated computers (both laptops and desktops), peripherals such as mice, printers, keyboards, and other parts, as well as a server now and then. These and other materials will either be put in the hands of disadvantaged children or be put to use in nonprofits of all types. A big thank you to Josh Wilmoth and his staff and his many generous clients! See for details on how you can help and the results The HeliOS Project has attained. – Darrel Raynor, Director, The HeliOS Project”

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