Using the Ribbon Feature in Microsoft Office 2010

If you have recently upgraded Microsoft Office from 2003 to 2010, you may have noticed a new feature – the Ribbon.

Microsoft designed the ribbon feature to improve user experience. It requires fewer mouse-clicks to use and improves overall appearance of the application.  However, many long-time users of Microsoft Office find the new feature has a pretty large learning curve.

To remedy this, Microsoft has provided a really friendly tool to help ramp people up the curve: an interactive guide to find commands.  You can even download the guide for easy access.

For example, if you are unable to locate the rules and alerts setting in Outlook 2010, you would select the Outlook guide.  This opens up a window that mocks the Outlook 2003 interface. Click through it like you would an Outlook window – hovering your mouse pointer over a menu item will provide step by step instructions, and clicking on one will walk you through a mock Outlook 2010 window.

The webpage above also provides a printable list for each application – a handy tool for anyone upgrading!

These tools are free from Microsoft.  Get to know your Ribbon and you might find that your productivity increases!

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