How To Buy the Right Computer: Keeping Costs Down While Building Your Business Up

Whether a new hire is pending or an upgrade is due, sometime you will need to purchase new computer equipment for your business.  This can be a daunting task. Desktop, laptop, or even tablet? Which OS? What specifications? You could walk into your nearest big-box store and pick up the closest machine, but that does not guarantee that it will integrate into your infrastructure or meet the needs of your employee’s job duties. Some thought at the beginning of the process will ensure the most cost-effective results. Here’s how to make a decision that will keep you sane without breaking the budget.

To start, determine the function of the computer. Will it be primarily web-browsing and form filling? Is it for a programmer or an executive? QA personnel? Do you have specialized software that has strict requirements? Allowing the function of the computer to determine the specifications will make sure you have enough power and storage without overspending.

So now you have a list of requirements, which ensure that the computer is going to support the user now. The next list will be of options. How long would you like to use this computer? Many experts recommend computer replacement every three to five years. Laptops and notebooks typically require replacement before desktops due to their mobile nature. Desktops might be upgraded later to extend the life of the machine. If you plan for the end of the computer’s life, you can budget the purchase of the new computer.

The last part of the process is purchasing. Take your lists of requirements and options in hand and find computers that fit. Where to go with it -- online, in store, or from your neighbor who assembles computers from spare parts?  The neighbor who builds computers in his garage might be cheap and local, but a new or commercially refurbished computer will have a better lifecycle and fewer issues. Your local big box or electronics store is better, but they cater more to home users and tend to cost more. Online vendors often cater to businesses, but they are not familiar with your business’s needs.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a new computer for your company. Here at CTTS, we can take the trouble out of the entire process to ensure you get the most effective option for your budget. We take the time to know your business so we know what will work for you. We emphasize value with options such as faster hard drive speeds and upgraded memory to improve efficiency. With a business-class machine from us, you know it will work easily into your existing infrastructure. You can also be assured you will not be sold on the latest gadget just because it happens to be new. Call us at (512) 388-5559 to talk to Josh Wilmoth on what system is right for you.

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