Benefits Of Hosted Exchange – Save Your Small Business Money!

Boost productivity and reduce cost!  Most small and medium-sized business owners would shudder to think about the costs associated with enterprise-level email and support. Server hardware, software and maintenance can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.  Eventually, that very expensive server and software will be obsolete and many more thousands of dollars would go into updating or risking outside attacks with unsupported software.  However, there is a low-cost solution that gives you all the benefits with none of the headaches.  CTTS offers Hosted Exchange, with all the bells and whistles of a big business setup.

  • Security: Enterprise-managed firewall, virus protection, and proactive updating for the best peace of mind.
  • A free copy of Outlook 2010.  That’s a per-user value of $139.99* with proven, up-to-date productivity tools in use by businesses around the world.
  • Mobility tools that allow access to the same email, calendars, and contacts from a web browser, email program and mobile phone.
  • Easy-to use collaboration tools allow the sharing of contacts and calendars.
  • Enterprise-level spam-filter.  Did you know that thousands of man-hours are lost due to spam?
  • 99.9% uptime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Scalability: pay for only the mailboxes or other features you need.
  • Friendly, trusted support from the staff at CTTS.

And it all comes in an affordable package.  Contact Josh Wilmoth at 512-388-5559 and ask him about our Hosted Exchange service.

*when purchased from Microsoft’s website.

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