4 Quick Tips to Keep Your Email Clean

It's easy to take your email for granted, but many people could not work without it.  Did you know that a full email box is not only messy, it could also cause your email to behave sluggishly or even stop working?  While software has improved in the last year or two to allow larger email boxes, there are still limits to the size of email folders.

Here's a fantastic guide* to keeping your email box clean and well below the limits:

  • Don't store attachments in Outlook but store them outside your mailbox in a folder on your hard disk where it belongs. Example; My Documents folder, My Pictures folder, a corresponding Project or Programs folder, etc…
  • Send as little attachments as possible. If you know the receiver can also access the file on the same network, SharePoint website or other web storage, think about sending links instead. Since lnk-files are blocked by default it is better to send a link to the file by using < and > like this <\servernamesharenamefoldernamefilename.doc> or use Insert-> Hyperlink (set Word as the E-mail Editor to have a more user friendly interface for this option
  • If you need to send attachments, send them in a compressed format like zip-files. This will save you some bandwidth and the receiver some mailbox space; hopefully he/she will return you the favor.
  • Periodically check the size of the individual folders by using the Folder Size button in the properties of Outlook Today so you can react on a fast growing mailbox in time. This way you prevent the need to clean your mailbox for several hours at the end of the year and be able to do it with just minutes a week or even a month.

* Above tips courtesy of http://www.howto-outlook.com/howto/cleanmailbox.htm#general_tips

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