10 Things You Must Do Now To Prevent A Costly Data Disaster

10 Things You Must Do Now To Prevent A Costly Data Disaster

In less than 60 seconds, you are about to learn 10 things that could save you days – oreven weeks – of downtime, not to mention the undue stress on your company, and potentially thousands of dollars lost, due to a data disaster…

Use this article as your checklist in a conversation with your IT company to assure that your business has the right plan in place to get back up and running quickly if and when disaster strikes.

Update – Microsoft Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability


Late last week, Microsoft released an update to address the zero day vulnerability recently disclosed in all versions of Internet Explorer. Windows XP is listed as among the affected platforms, in spite of its support period ending weeks ago.

CTTS Managed IT Service clients will have all patches available automatically installed on each computer.

Security is one thing, peace of mind is another

A fact of technology: computers and software are vulnerable to security attacks.  If your software is completely up-to-date, you are less vulnerable to these attacks.  Did you know that Microsoft releases updates for its software every Tuesday? It’s called “Patch Tuesday,” and in the past, these patches could wreak havoc with previously stable systems.