What If Your Smartphone Had Wings

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: What If Your Smartphone Had Wings

Video streaming from the air is about to get a whole lot more affordable. It just so happens that the brains, gyroscope, GPS and camera aboard all those new drone cameras you may have seen can also be found in your smartphone.

Voice Tips For Effective Speaking

When George H.W. Bush ran for president in 1988, he hired a voice coach to help him lower his voice an octave. Why? Because the candidate’s high-pitched voice had helped saddle him with the “wimp” image, even though Bush had proved his valor as a Navy combat pilot during World War II.

Fairly or unfairly, we impute strength and confidence to the person who speaks with a low-pitched, well-modulated voice.

How To Buy the Right Computer: Keeping Costs Down While Building Your Business Up

Whether a new hire is pending or an upgrade is due, sometime you will need to purchase new computer equipment for your business.  This can be a daunting task. Desktop, laptop, or even tablet? Which OS? What specifications? You could walk into your nearest big-box store and pick up the closest machine, but that does not guarantee that it will integrate into your infrastructure or meet the needs of your employee’s job duties.

Virus Alert: New ZBot variant in the wild

Earlier today we started receiving a flood of emails and phone calls regarding a new trojan ZBot virus variant making the rounds via email.  We have already seen several variants to this trojan in a relatively short time period.  These emails can come from support@*****.com, info@*****.com or alert@*****.com where ***** is the domain name that is being used in the recipient's email address.

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Google’s Top 12 Search Features

Many web surfers only find Google useful for finding web pages.  Sure, finding web pages was key to Google’s success (over 200 million queries each day), but it’s only scratching the surface on what Google can do, for you.  I have compiled a list of the Top 12 Google search features that you can use everyday to find exactly what you are looking for.