YOU are the focus, not the computer

Too many times, the person behind the computer gets lost in all the technology running throughout the business; when it’s actually the people that run the business, not the technology.  Our approach to Information Technology is simple: Your business runs the technology, your technology should not run your business.

When “technology” service companies forget this, it can often mean out of control costs for your business.  At CTTS, we simply find that to be unacceptable.  We are single minded in focusing on you and your business, and using your technology to it’s best and most cost-effective benefit.  That’s because we treat your computers and networks like it’s OUR computers and networks.

If a particular solution doesn’t make sense for you, your business, or your bottom line, we simply don’t recommend it.  Period.  To put it simply, at CTTS, we provide effective computer and network services for your growing business.

Below, you can learn the ways in which you can make the best use of available technology:

Managed ServicesManaged IT Services
What if your entire business network and computers were monitored 24/7?  Proactive management of your business computing environment can save you both time and money.  Managed IT Services

Remote SupportRemote Support
We offer the ability to connect to your computers or network remotely, saving you time versus waiting for someone to arrive on site.  Remote Support

Data Backup and Recovery

Business Disaster Recovery
Get peace of mind with our highly secure Internet-based backups of your most important data.  If your drive is no longer accessible, we have business disaster recovery services that will retrieve your data, never leaving you at a a loss.  Business Disaster Recovery

Network IntegrationNetwork Integration and Business Consulting
Getting all the pieces of your network to work together can present some of the biggest challenges for your business technology.  From a simple network upgrade to a complex multi-location deployment, we can help make sense of it all.  Network Integration and Business Consulting

Network Security ServicesSecurity Assessment and Remediation
Network security goes beyond an application that runs on your computer. Securing your data can prevent a variety of undesirable outcomes. We can assess your network security and provide any recommendations to keep you secure. Security Assessment and Remediation

Wireless networking that is secureWireless Networking and Security
We specialize in establishing fast and secure wireless networks for your business.  Having the ability to connect to your Wi-Fi network is only half the equation.  The other half is to keep it secure.  Wireless Networking and Security

Staff AugmentationStaff Augmentation
Add to your staff without adding to your payroll.  Our staff augmentation services enable you to increase your technology staff without the added steps to necessary to bring on a full time employee.  Staff Augmentation

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