YOU are the focus, not the computer

Too many times, the person behind the computer gets lost in all the technology running throughout the business; when it’s actually the people that run the business, not the technology. Our approach to Information Technology is simple: Your business runs the technology, your technology should not run your business.

When “technology” service companies forget this, it can often mean out of control costs for your business. At CTTS, we simply find that to be unacceptable. We are single minded in focusing on you and your business, and using your technology to its best and most cost-effective benefit. That’s because we treat your computers and networks like they’re OUR computers and networks.

If a particular solution doesn’t make sense for you, your business, or your bottom line, we simply don’t recommend it. Period. To put it simply, at CTTS, we provide effective computer and network services for your growing business.

Below are the ways in which you can make the best use of the available technology:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Remote Support
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Network Integration and Business Consulting
  • Security Assessment and Remediation
  • Wireless Networking and Security
  • Staff Augmentation

Want to know a secret that your competition doesn’t?

Simply tell us where to send this free information, and we’ll show you clear and easy to understand ways in which you can increase the life of your existing technology, while dramatically cutting your computer and network costs at the same time. This valuable information is free and comes with no strings attached.