Closing pop-ups the safe way

by Josh Wilmoth on April 11, 2010

Let’s face it – Spyware and other parasites are a part of our digital life. No matter how good your anti-spyware applications are, some will always slip through. But that doesn’t mean that you should drop your guard and let spyware take over your computer without a fight. That’s the reason we still need, use and trust all different kinds of anti-spyware in defense against all the infections out there.

Here is a video from CNET that a Client recently brought to our attention. This is a great tip for closing down popups without clicking on the popup image itself, risking possible infection.

What tips and tricks can you share with other readers? Feel free to post your defenses below for others to learn from.

Confronting a pop-up is one of those times when your gut reaction might lead you down the path of frustration and tears. If the “X” is spring-loaded with malware, anywhere you click on the pop-up could trigger that virus. 

This is the path less traveled–the majority of pop-ups truly are the ads they appear to be–but when a pop-up does deliver malware, undoing the damage could be a tense, jittery journey. We get enough panicky Spyware Horror Story submissions to know that so-called button flips and booby-trapped Close buttons continue to deliver malicious payloads.

So what is the best practice for closing a pop-up? CNET Executive Editor Tom Merritt demonstrates in this Quick Tip video.

Source: CNET