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Brandon Kaylor

Tech Tip #57: Protect Your Business From Cryptojacking

What is Cryptojacking? Cryptojacking is a new-comer in the world of digital threats, and is the term that is being used to ...

Tech Tip #53: Speed Up Your Slow Computer

As a general rule, for optimal system performance, we want to keep about 15% of our available hard drive space free. Through regular use, our ...

Tech Tip #52: Protect Yourself From BOGUS EMAILS!

It’s that time of the year again! Holiday festivities are in full swing, tax season is right around the corner, and ...

Tech Tip #47: Ergonomically Optimize Your Work Space

Aching back plaguing you at the end of the work day? Headaches and eye fatigue making your day a drag? Fingers ...

Tech Tip #42: Eliminate Your Biggest Security Risk

In the world of cyber security, the biggest, most difficult to manage risk is that of the end user. This isn’t ...

Tech Tip #35: Become a Google Ninja

With roughly 72% of the worldwide search engine market share, Google is, without a doubt, the de facto online search resource. Over the ...

Tech Tip #18: Keep The Dust Bunnies Away

When asked to think of all of the potential problems we might experience with our computer system, simply being dirty is one that ...

Tech Tip #11: Windows Shortcuts

Most Windows programs and applications have extensive top menu bars that allow us to manipulate and control what we want our system ...

Tech Tip #4: How to identify and avoid phishing attempts

After hearing about the many Amazon scam attempts over the holiday season, and with tax season (and the inevitable wave of IRS impersonators ...


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