free computer recycle Georgetown TXDid Santa bring you a new computer this Christmas? What are you doing with your old one? Before donating to your favorite charity or selling online, remember that computers often hold all kinds of personal and financial information that thieves could find valuable— emails, passwords, account numbers, license keys or registration numbers for software programs, addresses and phone numbers, medical and prescription information, tax returns and other personal documents.

To ensure your hard drive doesn’t become a gold mine for thieves, we are offering FREE computer recycling during the month of January. 


At no charge, CTTS will erase all data from your hard drive so it is no longer accessible then repurpose each computer and give it to someone in need. In 2017 CTTS provided over 100 desktops, laptops, monitors and accessories to local nonprofit organizations and veterans at no charge!

If you would like to have CTTS recycle your computer please call us today to schedule a pickup or drop off time: (512) 388-5559