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Android Gets Fix For KRACK WiFi Vulnerability

Last month, a new WiFi security vulnerability known as "Krack" was discovered by a security researcher named Mathy Vanhoef. It was about as serious as a security flaw could be, enabling hackers ...

Cost Savings Are Just The Start of VoIP’s Benefits

Business owners and managers are always looking to save a buck. Since the cost of doing business continues to ...

Facebook Has A Major Problem With Fake Accounts

Facebook has been in hot water with evidence mounting that hordes of fake accounts were used to spread misinformation about the recent presidential election. In addition to sparking congressional hearings, it also ...

Swipe With Care: Your ATM Might Be Controlled By A Hacker

One of the most enticing credentials that hackers desire is your credit card number, along with its expiration date ...

Touch And Vibration May Be The Fingerprints Of The Future

Researchers at Rutgers University have hit upon a novel idea that could be a game-changer in terms of biometric identification. The team published a paper entitled "VibWrite: Towards Finger-input Authentication on Ubiquitous ...

12 Ways To Protect Your Business From A Cyber Attack

Just within the past year, cyber attacks have become a scary reality for practically every individual and organization. No matter who the individual victim, or what the size of the business, the looming threat of hackers on a mission to ...

New Ransomware “BadRabbit” Starting To See Infections In The US

You may not have heard of the new strain of ransomware known as BadRabbit. If you haven't, it's because the overwhelming percentage of BadRabbit attacks have been occurring in Russia, which accounts ...

Granting Photo Access In iPhone Might Allow Unauthorized Photographing

An Austrian software engineer named Felix Krause has made a disturbing discovery about iPhones using iOS11. Once an app has been given permission to access the device's camera, it can take pictures ...

Report Shows Small Percentage Of Employees Know About Ransomware

The statistics are alarming. Ransomware is fast becoming the favored hobby horse of hackers worldwide. Barely a week goes by that a new strain isn't introduced into the wild, with expensive, and ...

Data Breach Costs Hilton $700,000 In Settlement

Hilton Hotels is in hot water, having recently been fined a hefty $700,000 in an agreement with the states of New York and Vermont over the company's mishandling of a pair of ...


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