Simplify Your Healthcare IT in Austin to Deliver Exceptional Patient Care.

Optimize Your Practice with Secure, Compliant IT Solutions That Enhance Patient Satisfaction.

CTTS really has our best interest at heart.

Our company highly depends on CTTS for IT issues and problems. In addition, with a signed contract, they monitor if our server goes down and quickly resolves the issue. Our data network is secure and we leave everything in their hands. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. When we do have a problem, and I guarantee at some point everyone will have an issue, CTTS is right there to quickly resolve the issue. Having the Owner personally step in to help resolve an issue shows us CTTS really has our best interest at heart.

Patti Kautz Central Texas Diagnostic Clinic

Don't let IT complexities compromise patient care. The cost of downtime, data breaches, and compliance failures can be catastrophic.

With decades of expertise in healthcare IT, we've guided numerous practices to technological excellence and regulatory compliance.

1. Discover Your IT Potential:

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2. Implement Tailored Solutions:

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3. Experience Uninterrupted Care:

Enjoy Ongoing Support and Peace of Mind.

Empower your healthcare practice with technology that improves patient outcomes, streamlines operations, and ensures data security.

Our clients experience enhanced efficiency, better patient satisfaction, and peace of mind knowing their IT infrastructure is in expert hands.

We understand concerns about integrating new IT solutions with existing systems, costs, and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Our approach minimizes disruption, maximizes budget efficiency, and ensures compliance with all healthcare regulations.

Why Choose CTTS:

Ensure Uninterrupted Excellence in Patient Care

  • Peace of Mind with Compliance: Sleep soundly knowing your practice is fully HIPAA compliant, avoiding steep fines and protecting patient data with our advanced, compliant technologies.
  • Optimized Operations for Growth: Benefit from our proprietary best practices designed to minimize downtime. We ensure your IT infrastructure supports your growth, applying the right solutions from the start—no temporary fixes.
  • Unparalleled Data Security: With hourly backups and a comprehensive cybersecurity package, your client data is safeguarded against breaches, ensuring your practice's and your patients' information remains secure.
  • Seamless Transition Guaranteed: Switching from your current provider is smooth and hassle-free. Our professional approach ensures a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your patients.

Don’t Let IT Limit Your Impact on Patient Care.

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