Spam Filtering-03Spam Filter Summary and Options

If you use CTTS’s Hosted Exchange system, Advanced Email Security (or AES) can help keep you from malicious messages masquerading as safe ones. However, it does require some user interaction to keep it working properly. Here are the options we have to help keep you safe.

How it works:

Each message is analyzed for malicious patterns, senders, or attachments and scored. If the message scores high enough, it is marked as Phishing, Marketing, Spam, Dangerous Attachments, or Virus and goes to the next part of AES mail flow.


Mailflow settings:

By default, we move messages that qualify as junk or spam to a User quarantine. If it is a virus, it may get sent to an Admin quarantine.

There is an option to change it to where emails that are questionable get sent to Outlook’s Junk Email folder instead, but that is a company-wide change and not generally recommended.


These options are adjustable to make your spam filter more or less sensitive, again on a company-wide level. We can also add senders to the Safe and Block lists, or adjust what attachments are allowed or blocked.

User options:

By default, each day everyone who has received something that was quarantined will receive a daily quarantined email report.



You can select days and frequency of the quarantine report, as well as only receive the report during certain times of the day when emails are quarantined.


You can set individual safe and blocked sender lists. You are able to see the company wide safe and block lists, but cannot make changes. Email admins can make changes.




You are able to manage the quarantine with 5 options, view, allow, always allow, block (sender or domain) or delete from quarantine. Once deleted from quarantine, it’s gone.

You can choose to receive only the report or only the summary or neither. You can also send your quarantine to another employee for them to manage. We do recommend that you review your quarantine report frequently so that you do not miss any important messages that got flagged inadvertently.

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions