hacker support Georgetown TX

hacker support Georgetown TXEvery business found in corporate land liked Christmas a lot. But the hacker, who lived just north of corporate, Did NOT!

Then he got an idea! An awful idea! “All I need is an insecure password…”, the Hacker looked all around. On the Dark Web, there was plenty to be found.

Did the old Hacker stop for legality…?
No! The Hacker simply said, “It’s a game you see, if I don’t get caught, how rich I’ll be!”

So, he grabbed all the passwords from the Dark Web with glee, then he researched, and he researched every employee.

“I know just what to do!” The Hacker laughed in the air. He used social engineering to bait the business with flair. And he chuckled, and chuckled, “What a great Hacker trick! The assistant gave me full access, so this malware will stick!”

It was a quarter past downtime…
All the employees came in to work, to find their whole business down because of some cyber-criminal jerk! When they tried to log in, all they could do was stare. When up on their screen was a message of Ransomware.

The documents and programs needed for operation, the files and data on every workstation!

Business IT Management Georgetown TXExcept for one little Datto appliance tucked way in the back, its data encrypted, unaware of any attack. Its virtual backup completed hours ago, its blue light flashing, giving off a beautiful glow.

And what happened then…? Well, in corporate land they say, that the business was back to normal before midday.

Not all stories have a happy ending. Is your business prepared for the worst? Let’s talk about your data back up and business continuity today, before it’s too late: (512) 388-5559.



By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions