5G upgrades for Georgetown TXWhat is 5G?

5G is the 5th Generation of the cellular network that brings the Internet to our phones and mobile devices. This new standard for broadband cellular networks is not just for cellphones, but it enables a new kind of network designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.

How Fast is 5G?
Will the 5th generation be twice as fast as 4G? No.  It will be 10 times faster or more.  With 4G, the speed is discussed in megabytes per second. With 5G, speed is in gigabytes per second.

In fact, if you were looking to download a 2-hour movie on the old 3G network, it would have taken you 26 hours.  On the 4G network, the same movie would take just 6 minutes.  But on the new 5G network, it will be a mere 3.6 seconds.

This advancement in technology seems to be happening about every 10 years.  The 3G network began in 1998.  4G was out around 2008, and 5G is now available in some areas.  I guess in 10 more years we will be saying, “Three seconds to download a movie!?!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Better Bandwidth
In addition to speed, volume is also improved. 5G will have greater bandwidth, meaning it can handle many more connected devices than previous networks. For those who live in or find themselves in a densely populated area (like a concert), this will provide more availability and greater reliability.

Unlike older network generations, the development requirements of the new 5G network are also expanding beyond the more traditional techniques. 5G signals connect to the Internet and telephone network by radio waves through a local antenna. For that reason, superfast networks are mostly being deployed city by city.

Eventually though, most US carriers will have a mix of the different network types that will enable both broad coverage and fast speeds to even more connected devices, from smart toothbrushes to self-driving cars. This is essentially opens up endless possibilities for industries that use robotics, like healthcare and manufacturing.

Like Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast.”  It's good to see that technology is finally catching up.  Oh-yeah!

What Does 5G Mean For Business?
The small business owner has a lot to gain from this network upgrade. Not only will your important line-of-business applications open, operate, and save faster, but with 5G, your improved connectivity and accessibility come at a reduced cost. The higher performance and improved efficiency of this new technology is connecting new industries and opens up new possibilities for the entire user experience.

As technology continues to advance, your business needs enterprise equipment and a reliable IT company who will maximize your infrastructure. To let your technology work for you, call CTTS today: (512) 388-5559.

Kyle Barker
By Kyle Barker
Business Consultant
Central Texas Technology Solutions