VoIP Advantages-02

Do you have a reliable network?  If so, you can save money and give your company flexibility with a Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone system.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In essence, VoIP is used to set up a communications service over a network. While VoIP can be used as a communication service within an internal network, it can also be used over the Internet.

VoIP has several advantages over traditional land lines and other telephony type systems:

  1. Easy to add additional users, very quick, just configure how the user will be setup and you are done.  No calling your telecom and waiting for hours to place an order and days to have the new line or extension installed.
  2. Easy to configure with a web interface. Setup custom calling groups, add multiple lines to your business without actually adding actual lines. Route calls to auto attendants and simplify voice mail, so many things you can do, way too many to list them all here.
  3. Generally, the costs are much lower than traditional telecom solutions, the equipment is state of the art and has lots of shortcuts you can do right from the phones.
  4. Can track calls, call time, perfect if you need to see incoming call patterns or who your employees are making calls to, etc. Take control over your data.

There are so many advantages and so many ways to configure a VoIP system to fit your business vs having to fit your business into a traditional telephony offering.

Take control of your business communications and give VoIP a look!


By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions