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Office 365 Hobbit Georgetown TXDo you want to be able to receive emails sent to a generic address, like or

With Office365, you have 4 ways to configure that option and the best one will depend on what you need:

If you are the only one receiving email at this address, the easiest thing would be to choose an alias. An alias is another address attached to your mailbox. Any messages sent to that address will show up in your inbox, and you will not be able to respond as that address.

Best option for collaborative work: allows you to have a shared mailbox, calendar, files, etc. This allows you to access on a mobile device. Any messages sent to that address will show up in the group mailbox, and you can send as the group address. Even people outside your company can be added to the group. Only the group owner can delete items in a group mailbox

This again, allows multiple people to monitor one address and send as a mailbox. it also allows a shared calendar. Messages sent to a shared mailbox show up in a shared mailbox in Outlook. You cannot access it on a mobile device except in webmail.

Business Cloud Computing Georgetown TXOnly people in your company can access the shared mailbox.

When sending to a distribution list, it just shows up in the inbox of multiple users. It is possible to send as a distribution list, but it has to be configured. there is no calendar on this option

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions