Business Data Security Georgetown TX

Business Data Security Georgetown TXIt was a dark and stormy night...

Once upon a time in a town very much like yours, in a business very much like yours, there was a computer user very much like you or me. The user had been using their computer day in and day out without any issues and thought they were doing everything correctly to make sure they were protected:

  • They had up to date antivirus
  • They had a server environment with daily backups of the server
  • Their computers were protected by an MSP and patches were done weekly
  • They had a password policy in place and it was enforced.
  • They even had Dark Web monitoring through a vendor and were proactive about actions needing to be taken
  • The computers, server, and networking equipment were covered by manufacturer’s warranties

Then one day… the storm came and the horror started.

The computer started slowing down and acting up. And one day… it just stopped working.

company cybersecurity Georgetown TXYou see, this user’s computer SATA drive failed. As one of the few moving parts in a computer, it eventually will stop working. No problem, it was covered under warranty, right? Sure, the hard drive was replaceable, and the computer was working again shortly after the part was replaced.

However, as it turns out this computer had business critical data on it that was not stored on the server. All the data, from years of use, was not backed up and was not recoverable.

Don't let this happen to you! Take a few minutes to review the applications and data you need on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and ensure that you’re not missing something that is critical to your business survivability.

If you need assistance with making sure your data backups are backing up properly or to establish a business continuity plan to prepare your business for the worst case scenario, contact CTTS today at (512) 388-5559.


By Jamie Myers
Senior Desktop Engineer
Central Texas Technology Solutions