block pop upsPop-ups, ads, clickbait, overlays, notifications: There are a few different terms available to describe the design elements that websites use to communicate with you or encourage you to take an action (e.g., sign up for our newsletter). Regardless of what you call them, these notifications can be annoying, intrusive, and especially distracting.

Even worse, websites can now send you notifications via Web Push. That means any site you visit can now send you real-time notifications anytime your (supported) browser is open – even if you’re not on that website at the time.

You have to opt-in to receive these notifications. Sometimes we can opt-in without realizing. If you have, you can turn off unwanted notifications. While you can take your time in dealing with the process of closing multiple pop-up notifications to read the intended content you originally sought, you can instead block all website notifications to start enjoying a more focused, and hopefully more productive, online work experience.

Here are instructions for changing those options for two popular supported browsers:


To block all new requests asking to allow notifications: click the menu button menu Georgetown TX and click Options.

Select the Privacy & Security panel and scroll to permission. Next to Notifications, Click Settings…

Check the box next to “Block new requests asking to allow notifications” and save changes.

This is also where you can block or allow specific sites to send notifications. Just remove the site(s), or change the status to block or allow.

notifications Georgetown

For more information:



To block all requests, click the menu button at top right

push notifications Georgetown

Go to settings

At the bottom, click Advanced

Under “Privacy and security,” click “Site Settings,” then Notifications.

notification Georgetown TX

Choose to block or allow notifications:

  • Block all: Turn off Ask before sending.
  • Block a site: Next to "Block," click Add. Enter the site and click Add.
  • Allow a site: Next to "Allow," click Add. Enter the site and click Add.

notifications push

I hope you found these instructions for how to enable or disable website popup notifications helpful to improve your computing experience!

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions