managed business technology cybersecurity bus Georgetown TX

managed business technology cybersecurity bus Georgetown TXLet’s say your business is like a bus. All your data, software, hardware, and even your employees are on board, and as long as we’re all on the bus working together, the business is moving along just fine.

If your business is this vehicle, then cybersecurity is a lot like a seatbelt. If you wait until you have an accident to put your seatbelt in place, it’s too late. Without cybersecurity, your internet-connected systems, hardware, software, and data are all at risk. Cybersecurity principles and best practices paired with ongoing training should be the top priority for any business, no matter your industry or size.

We’ve talked about what to do in the event of a data breach, and how to protect your business from data breaches, but what exactly is at stake when you are breached?

It’s more than just the up-front costs from dealing with the compromise, there are some insurmountable consequences when breaches occur.

Free Dark Web Check Georgetown TXHere are the top 4 risks to your business in the event of a data breach:

  1. Your reputation. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool – it works in both positive and negative ways. A data breach is the fastest way to lose the public’s trust for years.
  2. Lost customers. Today’s consumers will not forgive a company that it cannot trust with their information and money. A recent study shows that 4/5 customers will not repeat business when a company is breached.
  3. Your data. Once breached, your company is open for credential stuffing attacks, which means the criminals will try the same credentials repeatedly on multiple digital platforms. Future breaches will only make your reputation even more shaky.
  4. Increased insurance premiums. Cybersecurity insurance is a good idea, but once you file a claim, your premiums can go up.

If you’ve already been the victim of a cyber attack or data breach, you’ll want to read this article and sign up for a Free Network Security Assessment.

At CTTS, we take a proactive approach when it comes to the security of our Client’s businesses. If you’d like to learn more or for more tips about how to prevent a data breach in your company, contact CTTS today: (512) 388-5559.



By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions