multplie users on one account Georgetown TXWhy You Should Never Share User Accounts and Passwords

In today’s connected world, sharing information has been the easiest it has ever been. Though the one piece of information you should never share is your username and password. Your credentials are unique to you, and providing them to another individual can bring some serious risks...

  1. Your Account is No Longer Secure
    1. The user could possibly write them down somewhere, and if they lose that and someone else were to pick it up, that chain could simply continue.
    2. They could also store the credentials in a compromised device, that could then be potentially provided to skilled individuals seeking that information.
  2. Anything that is done on the account, will be logged as you having been the one who did it
    1. Since they would be logged in as you, if they access information they shouldn’t, download or steal information, commit a malicious act etc., you could be held responsible since all the tracking would point back to your account
    2. Even if you can prove your innocence, you could still be held liable for giving out the information that led to the malicious activity, and most companies hold some kind of clause in providing your account access to other individuals that you would have broken
  3. More privilege and access than that user needs
    1. Even if they only need a single file, providing them your credentials grants them access to everything you have access to; accounts, emails, logins to other critical systems, possible access to your password manager, critical or secure data.
  4. If the user leaves, you will need to change your password
    1. Just as is the case with needing to remove access and update any passwords the leaving party would have had access to, since they had access to your account, you will have to revoke their access to your account by updating your password as well. Otherwise they may still have access to company files and resources, through you.
  5. They could access additional accounts
    1. Many people use the same password across multiple accounts, one of the biggest problems with passwords. If you have this same password anywhere else, you’ve now also granted this person access to that account as well, and any others that may share these credentials. In turn, opening yourself up to a world of issues and possibilities of them gaining access to much of your private and confidential information.

These are just some of the several issues and possibilities that cover the reasons you should not share your username and password. Password sharing makes your personal, professional, and confidential data vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Protect not only yourself, but your organization, by practicing password best practices that don’t include sharing; and if possible, use a Password Manger and a unique password for every single account.

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions