Password Protection Man-01With the rise in identity theft in the US, why do we still not keep our most valuable passwords safe and hard to crack? I suggest using a good free or low cost password keeper to document all your passwords safely such as:

All you have to remember is one password to have access to all your passwords and the manager keeps your passwords offline where they are safe and secure.

If you're not the type to use a system such as this, please change your password every 90 days and create passwords that are strong. To make sure your password is secure, try one of these password strength checkers:
The Password Meter
How Secure Is My Password
Kaspersky Lab

Being aware and taking time to periodically change passwords can save valuable time you would otherwise waste correcting these security issues.  If there is a password breach to a valuable account (and valuable accounts are not just banking, but social media accounts hold a plethora of personal information), it could be devastating.

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions