Windows 10 Shortcuts Georgetown TXThese basic shortcuts can make using a computer easier and more productive. You don't have to memorize all of them, just start by using the ones that are most important and you'll enhance your Windows 10 experience and save precious time.

1. Switching from one program to another open program on your desktop? Alt+Tab will do it in a flash.

2. In a web browser, use Ctl+Tab to switch from one open tab to the next.

3. Windows Button + L.  This will quickly lock your computer. This saves a lot of keystrokes and an easy way to lock your computer if you have to quickly step away. This is extremely important for HIPAA compliant businesses and those who work with confidential information.

4. Have lots of open windows and need to get to the desktop in a hurry? You can hide all open programs by pressing Windows key + D

5. Need to enlarge text on a web page quickly? CTL and +/-  Zooms text in and out. To open Windows Magnifier, press Windows + "+" or "-" to zoom in and out of your entire screen.

6. Get rid of excess data! Remember, "Delete" only puts your computer trash in the Trash/Recycle bin. This can fill up over time and takes up precious space on your computer, so do a quarterly “empty” of the recycle bin to optimize that storage space and help speed up your processor.

7. Searching in a browser.  No need to go to a search site, just enter the search parameters into the browser URL address bar, hit enter, its will run a search.

8. Need to fill out those tedious boxes in a web page form? Don’t use your mouse to jump box to box, just use the Tab key to jump from box to box.  Shift+Tab goes backwards.

9. Need to open a new tab in a browser? CTL+T will open new tab,  Ctl+W will close a current tab.  Ctl+Shift+T will open and bring back a recently closed tab.

10. Need multiple work environments for multitasking or switching between projects with ease? Try using the virtual desktop feature and shift your work from one desktop to another. Windows key + Ctrl +D adds a new virtual desktop space, Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrow switched between virtual desktops, and Windows key + Ctrl + F4 closes the current virtual desktop.

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions