(And How To Prevent It From Happening)

password security Georgetown TXIt’s easy to imagine the hackers attacking your network as a team of computer masterminds. But in reality, the vast majority of data breaches don’t occur from some genius hacking into the mainframe.

According to Trace Security, a full 81% of breaches happen as a result of poorly constructed passwords.

Luckily, avoiding this is pretty simple: Ensure every member of your team uses strong passwords!

Here's How:
1. Passwords should be over eight characters in length, comprised of letters, numbers and symbols.
2. Avoid using obvious personal information like addresses and family names.
3. Start using a password manager.
4. Avoid the common, obvious passwords like “123456789” or “password.”
5. Change your password every 60-90 days.

Cloud Computing Georgetown TXYou also might consider implementing two-factor authentication in your system, which is several degrees of magnitude more secure than ordinary passwords, but it can be a headache to set up without an expert on your team.

You can always call CTTS for any password security questions you may have. We are your local IT Support Team! (512) 388-5559.

SmallBizTrends.com, 1/3/2019