Cybersecurity experts emphasize the need to nurture a strong cybersecurity culture to defend against insider risks within organizations like yours. But how can you effectively achieve this, and where should you begin? Our comprehensive checklist is here to guide you in assessing the strength of your security culture and identifying areas where further reinforcement is required. Take charge of your organization's security posture using this checklist as your strategic tool to bolster your cybersecurity resilience.
Are you on the right track? Check your progress with this checklist:

  • We foster an environment where individuals aren't afraid of losing their job due to honest mistakes.
  • We empower our employees with regular security risk training.
  • We enforce strict bring-your-device (BYOD) policies to maintain a secure working environment.
  • Passwords are securely stored and protected with multifactor authentication.
  • Everyone in our company knows the tell-tale signs of a phishing email and knows how to respond.
  • We emphasize the importance of unique credentials, ensuring they aren't reused, recycled, or shared.
  • Sticky notes or electronic documents with passwords are not found anywhere.
  • Employees are encouraged to seek help or clarification on security issues and procedures.
  • Our approach to security awareness training is rooted in education and empowerment rather than punishment.
  • We continuously monitor the dark web for compromised employee credentials, minimizing security risks.
  • We emphasize the significance of practicing innovative security behaviors, with each employee serves as a role model.
  • Security is a clear corporate priority, with dedicated resources and support to ensure its effectiveness.

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