Safeguarding your company’s assets, resources, employees, and overall livelihood is more crucial than ever. At CTTS, we understand the imperative need to enhance your cybersecurity posture to protect against the unpredictable threats of tomorrow. It's a comprehensive commitment involving not just robust insurance, but a layered approach to security products, services, and education. That's why we've partnered with High Wire Networks, recently ranked by Frost & Sullivan as a Top 12 Managed Security Service Provider in the Americas, to provide enterprise-level security products and services tailored for small business budgets.

Our unified Security Operations Center (SOC) gives us 360-degree visibility of all devices connected to your network, from computers to printers, ensuring an early warning system with efficient detection and response to security threats. This collaboration allows us to offer the most advanced protection strategies, ensuring that your business is safeguarded from potential breaches before they happen.

In the coming weeks, CTTS will be introducing an array of new products and services aimed at bolstering your cybersecurity infrastructure. Look forward to offerings such as Microsoft 365 Management tools to streamline operations, advanced Security Awareness Training to empower your employees, and rigorous external network penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities. These initiatives are designed not only to protect your business but also to reduce your insurance policy rates.

To ensure that these advanced solutions are accessible, we will be offering deep discounts to organizations that are proactive in enhancing their cybersecurity measures. Be on the lookout for communications from our Account Manager, Bernice Ramos, who will be emailing and calling you with all the necessary details and assistance.

At CTTS, we are dedicated to your company's security and success. We eagerly anticipate providing you with more information about our new, robust cybersecurity solutions and the opportunity to safeguard your business effectively. Stay tuned for more updates and be ready to take the first step towards a secure future with CTTS. JOSH WILMOTH