SHORTCUTS-01Most Windows programs and applications have extensive top menu bars that allow us to manipulate and control what we want our system to do. While it is very beneficial to have these menus for the more complex tasks a program might require, such as formatting an extensive table within Microsoft Word, they can often seem cumbersome and annoying when attempting to accomplish more common activities. Fortunately, Windows has a number of built in solutions to help address this issues. The first, which most of us are familiar with, is the right click context menu. While this is a step above the main program menu as far as efficiency is concerned, it still requires a shift in focus and extra mouse movements and clicks. The second, lesser known, system is the built-in support for Windows shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys allow us to accomplish many Windows and program tasks quickly and efficiently via a series of keystrokes, as opposed to clicking through various menus. With over 100 shortcuts built in to Windows there’s a lot to learn, but we’ve compiled a selection of the most common and helpful ones below to help get you started!


CTRL + C Copy selection
CTRL + V Paste selection
CTRL + X Cut selection
CTRL + B Bold text
CTRL + I Italic text
CTRL + U Underline text
CTRL + Z Undo last action
CTRL + P Open Print dialogue
CTRL + F Find
CTRL + A Select all
ALT + TAB Cycle through open programs
ALT + SHIFT + TAB Cycle through open programs in reverse order
CTRL + TAB Cycle through open tabs
ALT + CTRL + TAB Cycle through open tabs in reverse order
ALT + F4 Close current active program
CTRL + W Close current window within a program or browser tab
Windows Key + L Quickly lock computer screen / system
Windows Key + E Quickly open File Explorer


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By Brandon Kaylor
Desktop Support Technician
Central Texas Technology Solutions