Protect device Georgetown TXWe all love to get the best and newest tech gadgets. We bring them home or to the office and set them up and just assume the products will last forever. Well  that’s not always the case, and thinking about protecting them should be a part of the purchase decision as well as your overall budget.

Here are some tips to keep your investment protected from Day 1:

1. When budgeting for your new technology, the manufacturer’s warranty should always be a part of your overall investment decision. If the warranty period is short, do you really want to purchase the item?  Use the warranty to determine value and maybe purchase a similar device that has a longer warranty period.  I always try and put a monetary value on the warranty during the decision making process. Also try and see if there are extended warranties available, understand them fully and see if one makes financial sense to purchase. Sometimes these kinds of warranties are overpriced and offer very little long term value, but every now and then it does make sense to add some extended protection, so at least listen to what is offered by the manufacturer or even the retailer. Mobile devices like expensive phones and tablets make the most sense for some kind of protection plan that includes accidental damage and theft coverage as well.

2. At the time of purchase look into protecting your investment at the beginning with things like a good surge protector in the case of a computer, a really good quality case with a glass screen protector for your new phone or tablet.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to think of these.  Protection for your new device should be budgeted as part of the purchase up front. Waiting even one day to add this can be very costly.  When I shop for new technology, and I come to a decision on what item to purchase, prior to the purchase, I research all the items that might be needed to protect it.  I locate the best prices and most of the time order them with the new device or sometimes order in advance of the technology purchase.  For example I find I like to do my major purchases locally (for warranty and returns), but purchase the protection items like cases, screen protection and surge or battery backups online to get the best prices.  I will wait until I have the proper protection before I make my technology purchase or before I unbox the item.

3. Once you have your item externally protected, you'll need to protect the information it contains. A great start is to lock your device, setup a good password. That way is your device ends up in the wrong hands, your password will keep them out of your data and accounts. This useful layer of protection is an easy way to keep your sensitive information safe.

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions