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Tech Tip #13: Implement a Mobile Device Policy

If you are going to allow employees to use mobile devices – particularly personal mobile devices– to access, store and use company ...

Tech Tip #12: 4 Things You Must Do To Protect QuickBooks

Does your business run on QuickBooks? Many businesses do – it can handle all your accounting tasks in an easy to use ...

Tech Tip #9: Virus Protection

Make sure your virus protection is ALWAYS on AND up-to-date! Start protecting yourself and your business TODAY by calling us at (512) ...

Tech Tip #8: How to share your Outlook Calendar

Do you work with someone who needs to see your calendar? If you have an Exchange account, it’s easy ...

Tech Tip #7: Is It Time To Move To The Cloud?

Do You “Love” Spending Money On Servers, Backup Devices And IT Upgrades? (If Not, Maybe It’s Time To Move To The Cloud) As hurtful as it feels to us, we know that no one likes spending money on IT. Sure, ...

Tech Tip #5: Make Sure Your Backups Are Encrypted

If you DON’T have encryption, you are opening yourself up to a BIG risk of your identity and other important ...

Tech Tip #3: Use a Strong Password

With the rise in identity theft in the US, why do we still not keep our most valuable passwords safe ...

Tech Tip #2: Recycle Your Old Tech

Most people know how to get computers and networking equipment, but once that equipment reaches the end of its usefulness, many people ...

Tech Tip #1: Reboot!

Tech Tip # 1: When in doubt, reboot it! Did you know that rebooting your computer, mobile device, or printer ...


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