monkey Business Georgetown TXCybersecurity is arguably one of the most important topics discussed within businesses and should be at the forefront of our minds when dealing with our emails, passwords and browsing habits. Through studies and statistics, it has been determined that the weakest point of any security solution is the human factor. The bad guys are betting on it, so it’s up to us to cut them off with every chance we’re given.

So, Here’s Our Top 3 Business Security Tips to Keep the Monkeys Off Your Back:

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords
Your passwords are yours and yours alone. Never share it, never write it down on a Post-It note attached to your monitor or the bottom of your keyboard and never use any terms or dates identifiable to you. Use a minimum of 15 letters/numbers/special characters that you can remember, like a song lyric or passage of a book. Password managers are excellent tools as well (Dashlane and LastPass) where you only need to remember the one password to log into it and the program generates complex passwords for you.

Defensive Browsing
Emails are still one of the easiest doors for the bad guys to open and do what they do. Some are crafted in a very official and believable format but there’s always a tell letting you know the email’s not legit. This link gives great examples of phishing emails impersonating official organizations. Always check the sender’s email next to the name as it may look to come from someone you know or within your organization. Bad grammar and punctuation are also dead giveaways to malicious emails. When in doubt, reach out to us!

Free Dark Web Check Georgetown TXPhysical Security
Always lock your machine when you step away from it. Be it one minute or one hour, never leave an unattended machine unlocked. You can simply hit Windows Key+L on your keyboard to instantly lock, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and select Lock or click the start menu, click your account and select Lock. Always be conscientious of the peripherals you plug into your machines (USB, external hard drives, smartphone) as they pose another entry of infection.

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By Josh Wilmoth
CEO, Central Texas Technology Solutions